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Resource Type: DVD
Price: $349.00

21st CENTURY MONEY MANAGEMENT is a 5-DVD set that contains the following titles: Checking Accounts, Saving, Credit Cards, Loans, and Financial Planning. Young people learn the basics of online banking and gain important knowledge and skill in how to manage money successfully.

Resource Type: Calculator, Downloadable resources, Online Article, Online learning
Price: FREE

360 DEGREES OF FINANCIAL LITERACY is a website where consumers can find extensive free resources to help them make sound financial decisions through every stage of life, from childhood to retirement. The site is free from all advertising, sales and promotions.

Resource Type: Book
Price: $15.89

5 LAWS OF CREDIT provides simple approach to understanding the criteria lenders such as banks, car dealerships and landlords use when considering a person's creditworthiness. The 5 Laws address a person's character, conditions (such as length of employment and income level) capital (net worth) collateral (things you own) and cash flow (does your income exceed your expenses?).

Resource Type: Book
Price: $10.29

A DEGREE IS NOT ENOUGH is a book that examines what students need to do in college to become a desirable job candidate at graduation. Katherine Berntzen uses her experience as a management consultant, trainer, and college recruiting administrator to convey what employers are looking for in new college graduates. Additional topics include budgeting, credit reports, identity theft and a glossary.

Resource Type: Downloadable resources
Price: FREE

In this lesson, students read a story about a young girl, Sara. Having always made gifts, Sara wants to buy a gift for Mama. Students create/illustrate a booklet describing Sara's and their short-term savings goals. Lesson uses the children's book, A GIFT FOR MAMA, by Esther Hautzig.

Resource Type: Book, Teaching guide (multiple topics)
Price: $425.00

A MONEY ADVENTURE helps students learn how to start and run a business, earn and save money, and use a bank account. Children learn that choices involve both costs and benefits, and that running a business involves both risks and rewards. They create their own earning and saving plans, and display business financial data in graph form.

Resource Type: DVD
Price: $89.00

A PENNY SAVED is a video and teaching guide that helps students understand the power of compound interest or how money can grow with time. It teaches the basics of interest, compounding, liquity, yield, inflation, and savings choices.

Resource Type: Book
Price: $4.00

A PRINCESS LOVES TO SAVE is a fun and colorful book that inspires girls to save, spend wisely and share. The images and ideas create enthusiasm among girls and gets them excited about saving. It is suitable in elementary classrooms and can be used with the PRINCESS MONEY MANAGER SAVINGS BANK.

Resource Type: Book, Lesson plan (single topic), Downloadable resources, Online Article, Online Video Streaming
Price: $8.99

ENCHANTED COLLAR is an adventure story series designed to teach children aged 7 and older financial lessons, including budgeting, savings, spending, banking, credit, insurance, and job skills. In Book 1: A STRANGE GIFT, a puppy named Eli gets a strange gift and learns the use of money and the importance of honesty and dependability.

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Price: $15.95

A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO INVESTING provides essential information women need to make smart financial decisions. This guide encourages women, including young adults and college women, to define their financial goals. It explains how to make smart investment decisions, protect assets, manage risk, deal with fraud, choose financial advisors, and be prepared for the achievements and the challenges of the future.

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Price: $15.95

A Woman's Guide to Personal Finance offers practical advice for managing money, investing, planning for retirement, and knowing how to deal with the unexpected, such as divorce, widowhood, and debt. The book also has a section on estate planning and wills, and helpful information for women business owners.

Resource Type: Lesson plan (single topic), Online learning
Price: FREE

ADDING PENNIES, NICKELS AND DIMES is an activity that has students add and organize coins to display a variety of price values from real life examples.

Resource Type: Game, Online Video Game, Online learning
Price: FREE

ADMONGO teaches students about advertisements using an interactive, online game. While playing students learn about ads targeted audience, what they are saying to listeners, and what they ultimately want. Also included is a curriculum tied to national standards of learning in language arts and social studies that teachers can use to inform students of ongoing marketing issues.

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Price: $4.99

ADVENTURES IN MONEYPUR is an engaging allegory that presents personal finance as an important, mysterious and adventurous world. Its objective is to engage and enlighten children and teens on common practices in personal finance, touching on aspects of allowances, recordkeeping, investment and freedom from money worries. Readers will encounter challenging characters such as Buyingitis, or buying things without thinking, and Conformus, that is, peer pressure to mindlessly follow another person's spending patterns.

Resource Type: DVD, Video, Teaching guide (multiple topics)
Price: $59.00

AFFLUENZA introduces students to the problem of overconsumption and its effects on individuals, families, society and the environment. It looks at our passion for shopping and how it can lead to financial stress. The film explores advertising strategies used to sell to young people. Affluenza examines forces that have transformed us from a nation that prized thriftiness to the ultimate consumer society. The Teaching Guide contains worksheets and an impressive list of books, periodicals, organizations and internet resources related to voluntary simplicity. In addition to the film itself with its greatly enhanced video and audio qualities, the DVD contains the following special features updating the information provided by the original film: 3 filmed interviews with filmmaker John de Graaf, voluntary simplicity expert Cecile Andrews, and economist Peter Dorman; 7 Adbusters "Uncommercials"; Teacher's Guide and separate Viewer's Guide in PDF format on the DVD-ROM portion of the disc.