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Title: Financial Avenue
Author: Inceptia
Publication year: 2012
FINANCIAL AVENUE offers online courses, tips, and articles designed to empower organizations to help students now and throughout their lifetimes. It uses student interaction to teach the basics of budgeting, credit, financial aid, insurance, and taxes, and includes pre- and post-assessments as well as an administrator portal to track student progress. It is free of charge for K-12 educators; contact carissau@inceptia.org for access.
Price: FREE
Notes about price: Non k-12 users: please contact for pricing
  • English
Grade level:
  • 10th grade
  • 11th grade
  • 12th grade
  • College & young adult
Target users:
  • Teacher, classroom or after school
  • Student, self-directed study
  • Parent, home school
Resource type(s):
  • Calculator
  • Online Article
  • Online learning
  • Online Video Streaming
How to Access or Order Resource
Resource Website: https://www.financialavenue.org/schools/what-we-offer
Resource Order Form Website: http://www.financialavenue.org/login
Provider Website: http://inceptia.org/
Email address to order resource: carissau@inceptia.org
Phone number to order resource: 888-529-2028
Provided by:
1300 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68508