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Title: FoolProof Foundation
Author: Remar Sutton and others
Publication year: 2014
Frequency of publication: Started in 2005
FOOLPROOF FOUNDATION is a group of interactive, online lessons that teach young people about money, financial responsibility, and the realities of the free enterprise system. The program provides 22 lessons for classroom use, each 45 minutes in length.
Price: FREE
  • English
Grade level:
  • 9th grade
  • 10th grade
  • 11th grade
  • 12th grade
Target users:
  • Teacher, classroom or after school
  • Student, self-directed study
  • Parent, home school
Resource type(s):
  • Lesson plan (single topic)
  • Teaching guide (multiple topics)
  • Online learning
How to Access or Order Resource
Resource Website: http://www.foolproofteacher.com/
Resource Order Form Website: http://www.foolproofteacher.com/financial-literacy/highschool/signup.php
Provider Website: http://www.foolproofme.com/
Email address to order resource: drew@foolproofhq.com
Phone number to order resource: 303-918-1634
Provided by:
FoolProof Foundation
185 Beverly Road, Suite 3
Atlanta, GA 30309