Student Loans: Handle with Care

This module teaches strategies to afford higher education and decrease costs. It includes precautions when borrowing.

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STUDENT LOANS: HANDLE WITH CARE is a module that teaches ways to afford higher education, precautions to take when borrowing, and ways to reduce costs. It includes the differences between scholarships, grants and loans, and private and public loans. Additional activities include a note-taker guide, student loan case studies, goals planning, and career path research projects.

Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE)
Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE)
Resource Categories
Resource Type
Lesson plan (single topic), Workbook/Exercises/Class Activit
Grade Level
9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, College & young adult
Target Users
Parent, home school, Teacher, classroom or after school
Jump$tart Standards
CD3 - Apply strategies to avoid or correct debt management problems, CD4 - Summarize major consumer credit laws, EI1 - Explore job and career options, EI2 - Compare sources of personal income and compensation, FDM1 - Recognize the responsibilities associated with personal financial decisions, FDM2 - Use reliable resources when making financial decisions, FDM4 - Make criterion-based financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences

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