Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal

This first picture book of The Money Mammals “Share & Save & Spend Smart” series encourages kids to set goals, to save for them, and to resist the temptations to spend during savings journeys.

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JOE THE MONKEY SAVES FOR A GOAL is a storybook about Joe (the lead singer of the MONEY MAMMALS “SAVING MONEY IS FUN” DVD), whose Money Mammal friends help him learn to save for an item that he really wants. Joe is tempted to splurge on other purchases along the way, but he sticks to his goal until he successfully achieves it. A YouTube Channel and a downloadable Reading Guide are also available.

The Money Mammals
Snigglezoo Entertainment and John Lanza
Resource Categories
Resource Type
Grade Level
Pre-school & kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade
Target Users
Parent, home school, Student, self-directed study, Teacher, classroom or after school
Jump$tart Standards
FDM1 - Recognize the responsibilities associated with personal financial decisions, FDM2 - Use reliable resources when making financial decisions, FDM4 - Make criterion-based financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences, FDM8 - Use a personal financial plan, SS1 - Develop a plan for spending and saving, SS4 - Apply consumer skills to spending and saving decisions

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