Overcoming the Credit Barrier: Clearing the Way to Your Financial Goals

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OVERCOMING THE CREDIT BARRIER: CLEARING THE WAY TO YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS, is a challenge that cuts across all socioeconomic lines and age groups. This brochure offers a step-by-step approach to help you improve your credit record. It addresses what to do if you have a credit problem, how to correct credit report errors, and how to get out of debt.

Financial Planning Association
Financial Planning Association, National Endowment for Financial Edudation, and National Foundation for Credit CounselingPA, NEFE and NFCC
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Curricula, Information, Tools
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Booklet/Pamphlet, Downloadable resources
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11th grade, 12th grade, College & young adult
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Parent, home school, Student, self-directed study, Teacher, classroom or after school
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